C++ Program to display student name, ID, and CNIC us stacks - IlmKiDunya

Develop a program that gives the following information using stack.

       Student name

       Student ID



#include <iostream>
#include <stack>

using namespace std;

struct Student {
    string name;
    int id;
    string cnic;

int main() {
    stack<Student> students;

    // Push three students into the stack
    students.push({"John Smith", 12345, "12345-6789101-1"});
    students.push({"Jane Doe", 23456, "23456-7891011-2"});
    students.push({"Bob Johnson", 34567, "34567-8910111-3"});

    // Print the information of each student
    while (!students.empty()) {
        Student s = students.top();
        cout << "Name: " << s.name << endl;
        cout << "ID: " << s.id << endl;
        cout << "CNIC: " << s.cnic << endl;
        cout << endl;

    return 0;

Name: Bob Johnson
ID: 34567
CNIC: 34567-8910111-3

Name: Jane Doe
ID: 23456
CNIC: 23456-7891011-2

Name: John Smith
ID: 12345
CNIC: 12345-6789101-1


  • The program defines a Student struct to store the name, ID, and CNIC of a student.
  • The program declares a stack<Student> variable named students to store the student information.
  • Using a series of push operations, the program adds three Student objects to the stack, each with a different name, ID, and CNIC.
  • The program then prints the information of each student in the stack by repeatedly calling students.top() to get the top Student object, and printing its name, ID, and CNIC. The loop continues until the stack is empty. The program also calls students.pop() to remove the top Student an object from the stack after printing its information.

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